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What's start.me?

  • Organize your bookmarks, notes and to-do’s in one place.
  • The most important news feeds directly on your start page.
  • Stored in the cloud. Access your page anywhere.
  • Share with colleagues, students, friends or the entire web.

Why you will love start.me

  • A better browsing experience
    Browse to your favorite websites with a single click.
  • Keep track of your world
    Follow your social media, stocks and sports teams.
  • Makes you more productive
    Stay organized with notes, to-do lists and calendars.

A portal for your business

  • More productive and focused employees
  • Dashboards to keep your staff informed
  • Sharing of knowledge becomes more efficient
  • Stimulates on-line collaboration
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A smarter class room

  • A free start portal for your school or class
  • Allows teachers and students to better organize their educational resources
  • Encourages online collaboration between students and teachers
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