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All your websites and online resources in one place. Great for teachers, students and parents.

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Applications for teachers

  • One place

    Organize all your online educational resources (Web sites, Google Docs, Dropbox files, etc) in one place

  • Course pages

    Create pages about specific courses and themes (e.g. World War 2, Civil War, Math, Science, etc)

  • Share with students and parents

    Create a class start page (with bookmarks, notes, calendar and other info) and share this with your students and their parents

  • Course materials

    Create pages with shortcuts to web content (web sites, videos, documents) that you regularly use in your class

  • Share portfolios

    Showcase digital portfolios from students on your class start page

  • Student collaboration

    Encourage online collaboration and sharing amongst your students

Applications for students

  • Personal Learning Environment

    Use as Personal Learning Environment where you organize your online educational resources and private websites

  • Hobbies and entertainment

    Create an individual pages for hobbies, work or entertainment

  • Discover and explore

    Students use to discover new online resources shared by other students

Additional features for Education

In addition to the free features offered to all users, offers some paid features geared towards educational organizations

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