Your personal start page helps you organize and access your favorite bookmarks and news feeds

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  • Bookmarks

    All your favorite bookmarks easily accessible.

  • News

    All your favorite feeds (RSS) easily accessible.

  • Multiple pages

    Stay organized by creating multiple pages (e.g. one for Work, Private, Hobby, etc).

  • Search

    All your favorite search providers at hand in one simple search box.

  • Mail & Social

    Keep track of your Gmail, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • Weather, Stock data and more

    Choose from over 20 widgets that will help you start smarter.

  • Background

    Choose one of our beautiful backgrounds (or upload your own).

  • Share

    Share your page with the rest of the world (or with others in your organization).

  • Browser extensions

    We provide extensions, add-ons & bookmarklets for all popular browsers.

  • Import/export

    You can easily import or export your bookmarks & feeds at any time.

  • Multi platform works on any device (desktops, laptops, tablets, tv and mobile) and in any browser.

  • Secure

    Your information is stored safely and we care as much about your privacy as you do.

  • Fast loads super fast and even works when you are offline.

  • Support

    A dedicated helpdesk is available to help you (if you can't find your answer in our online support centre).

Who is using

  • Dave is an Internet geek who spends most of his day online, visiting the same set of websites. His personal start page helps him save time and stay organized.

  • Peter runs a business and he has created a start page with links and feeds that he thinks are important for his employees.

  • Kathryn is a mother and she has created a personal start page to help her kids go online in a safer environment.

  • Emma is a teacher and she has created a simple start page for her class with links to useful online resources and educational games.

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